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The Studio

Using all the equipment in the studio we tailor exercises to suit the individual needs of each client. The equipment provides resistance to challenge the body increasing strength and flexibility. It can also be used to rehabilitate and provide support after injury. Pilates is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and abilities from those wanting to tone, strengthen and improve posture to those looking to enhance their athletic ability or rehabilitate after injury. Pilates has something to offer everyone.

We have a fully equipped Pilates studio which includes the

Reformer, Cadillac, Combo Chair and Ladder Barrel. We use specialist Pilates equipment manufactured by Balance Body; the leaders in Pilates equipment design.

Our teacher's are all fully certified with a wealth of teaching experience. Each teacher has developped their own style influenced by different Pilates training and backgrounds whilst still maintaining the roots of the Pilates method. 



We are members of the Pilates Foundation. The Pilates Foundation is the UK’s only not-for-profit organisation dedicated to quality and excellence in the practice of the Pilates Method.


The Foundation established and maintains the most extensive Pilates qualification and education available in the UK. The Pilates Foundation is recognised by the NHS Trusts Association in its Directory of Health Service Providers.

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