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"As a keen runner, equipment Pilates has been brilliant for injury prevention and strengthening my core. By the end of a session my muscles are so much more relaxed and if I miss a session I really notice the difference."

Kate 40

"I first started coming to Pilates with Lucy when my podiatrist recommended it in order to strengthen the muscles in my ankle and therefore improve the way I walk- not only has it helped my feet dramatically but it have also given me; better posture, as well as toned my whole body. I enjoy it a lot more than going to the gym, and I would recommend it to anyone!"

Antonia 17



"I simply can't do without my weekly Pilates fix! I often suffer pain and tightness in my neck and shoulders, from working in an office all week. I find that Pilates really helps to ease and stretch out these problem areas. Lucy is particularly great at targeting the specific muscles that cause you aches and pains and makes sure that you carry out the Pilates stretches and exercises safely and correctly."
Carol 39


"I love to cycle and play sports but over the years I felt stiff and started to have injuries. Pilates has improved my range of movement and flexibility. I am no longer worried about getting injured and feel stronger than I have done in years especially playing sport."

James 47

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